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Levi Character Analysis - Chapter 52

This is really funny, cause I was actually planning to make a Levi/Hange character analysis soon, so maybe this will give me a good head start. And I've been actually wanting to make a post about Levi and his emotions because I'm sick and tired of people saying he doesn't care about anyone or doesn't have a heart.

Okay, well, let's just do another analysis of this chapter then, for those who don't quite understand what happened, and then I'll talk about Levi's character in general.

So, the chapter starts off with Levi telling his new squad what their tasks are for the time being, which is to close up the hole in Wall Maria. Levi then asks Armin what his strategy was for doing that, to which he responds Eren having to use his hardened titan skin to close up the wall. Eren then agrees, and Levi turns to Hange to tell her it is her job to find a place to experiment.


Hange then answers unenthusiastically, contrary to how she would usually react when talking about experimenting with Eren and Titans in general; simply saying it's her duty.

Levi is confused, so Hange goes onto explain that she understands how dire the situation is, and wants to experiment on Eren as soon as possible, but she would like Eren to stay hidden for just a little bit longer.





Okay, so there are a few things I want to note here:

  1. Hange is obviously hurt and torn apart about something and is not being her usual gutsy, motivated, determined self.

  2. Levi is the one to bring up the fact that Hange has to find a place to experiment - from what we've seen in previous chapters, usually Hange is the one excited about this, and Levi is hesitant



Moving on.

So, after everyone is confused as to why Hange wants to stay low, she says the situation is more complicated than they expected.


Levi then says that he noticed something has been bothering Hange since the time they first came in, and tells her to explain why she looks so sad.

A few things I want to note here:

  1. Levi noticed Hange was sad from the beginning

  2. Levi wonders why Hange has been keeping everything in

Doesn't sound like someone who is inconsiderate or ignorant of someone's feelings, does it?

Okay, so Hange then goes onto say Paster Nick has died, and explains what happened when she encountered his body/corpse.



Hange is obviously devastated after seeing what the two military police had done to Paster Nick.



She goes onto to say that it was her fault Paster Nick died.


And this is Levi's reaction:

I'll come back to this moment specifically later.

Levi asks Hange if she really wants to hold off on experimenting with Eren, and Hange replies yes. He then goes on to say that they're just going to be staying inside and doing nothing but drinking tea all day, to which she replies just for a little while.

A few things I want to note here:

  1. Hange is heartbroken and thinks it's her fault Paster Nick is dead.

  2. Because of this, Hange has become fearful of anything else bad happening to them, so she wants to stay inside where she thinks it's safe.

  3. This is a dire situation for everybody, and they really have no time to sit around and let time go by, despite how Hange may feel.

So, Levi knowing this, is obviously going to tell it like it is. He goes onto explain that even if they do stay inside, that won't stop the others from going after them. Eventually, they will catch up to them, no matter how long they wait. He tells Hange that because she feels guilty of Paster Nick dying, she has lost her confidence and determination to fight back/move on, and basically lead her team.

Levi asks Hange her decision again, and she suddenly gets a new found determination to fight back:

Levi notes that Erwin would have done the same thing and so on.


Is Levi really an uncaring, unfeeling, and cold-hearted man who doesn't care at all about his comrades? Does he not have a heart? Let's reference the manga, shall we.

Well, before we get to that, let's talk about Levi.

Some snk fans perception of this man is probably a short, cranky, violent, and uncaring man who doesn't have feelings and is very brutal when it comes to interacting with others.

But, can we just take a moment to remember that this is the same guy who used to be a thug and grew up in the toughest/lowest parts of the capital?

So, what, can he be aggressive? Yes. Harsh? Yes. Rude? Yes. But, this is Levi. This is how he always was, and this is how he was introduced to us in the manga, and that'll never change. It may not be acceptable behaviour for some, but this also shouldn't be unexpected behaviour for Levi, considering what we've seen in the manga and especially what we know about his past. Yes, Levi has some type of social problem and tends to upset others with his brash mannerism. He constantly wears a scowl on his face, and can be unapproachable, but eh, that's what we love about him. We wouldn't love him for anything less than himself. Plus, the fact that he's a clean freak...is just hilarious.

So, Levi doesn't have the most friendly demeanor around. Got it? Good.

Does this mean he's an uncaring person who doesn't care about anyone, especially his friends? NO. There's a different b/w personality and character. Levi may not have the friendliest personality, but his character is one to be admired. For one, Levi is kind and has a heart of gold, even if he doesn't always show it in the gentlest way. But, here is one exception, where we really see his true character shining through.

One of Levi's men has been critically injured, and is on the verge of death. Knowing the clean freak he is, with this soldiers hand all bloody and dirty, Levi still holds his hand and gives him encouraging words, saying he's done more than enough for humanity, and that he promises he will to continue to fight the titans. He even asks Petra if he heard everything he had to say, showing that he did care about his well being and wanted him to hear his last few encouraging words before he died. After that, even when Erwin, the one who he so called respects, asks him to fall back, he was still loyal to his men and asked if they died for nothing. Does this sound like a man who doesn't care about his comrades? And oh wait, look, is that be a sign of emotion?

Pupils dilated and eyes softening.
Yea, Levi may scowl a lot, but he has shown several signs of emotions throughout the manga. Something I've realized specifically about his character, is that although he may not be vocal about it, Levi always expresses his emotion through his eyes. Even with his scowl, you can always interpret what Levi may be feeling or thinking through his facial expression. (Sometimes I view Levi as a little child, apart from his clean freak tendencies, but, he really is a softie who cares a lot about his comrades and the people who he has come close enough to call his friends. I truly believe he cares about the sake of humanity a lot as well)

An even better example, is this:

I mean, no words were needed to let us know just how devastated and hurt he felt about Petra and the rest of his squad dying. I don't think any words I can use to describe this moment could do it justice. And this moment just broke my heart. Levi seems to me, what I like to call a reserved or bottled up person when it comes to expressing any emotion. It's not that he doesn't feel it or express it in his own way, he just doesn't act on it as openly or expressively as say, Hange would. But, to me, Levi is a very emotional person, though he probably won't vocalize it much.

Which brings me back to this moment here:


There were probably so many interpretations of this scene already, but this was the reaction after Hange says it was her fault Paster Nick had died. Some may think Levi was being rude, ignorant, or inconsiderate, but this has got to be one of the most telling moments of how Levi feels about the situation. Sometimes, silence is the best form of comfort, while other times, words are clearly needed. This was obviously a very tense moment for Hange; I doubt there were any right words to say after a moment like this...saying things such as "It isn't your fault" or "Don't worry" wouldn't be enough, because Hange was feeling a great deal of emotion during this time. However, his facial expression alone tells us enough that he is heartbroken about what happened; although he hasn't spoken a word, you can tell that he feels for Hange's situation. Whether he empathizes, or knows what she's going through, or feels terrible that she's feeling that way...it's obvious this is making hims emotional.

Just for the hec of it, let's not forget his other heroic moments, such as the moment where he encouraged Eren to believe in his own choices, rather than forcing him to listen to his rules:

Or even after losing all hope that Eren could be alive, because of his comrades death, he still helps Mikasa save him:

A few things I want to note here:

  1. Levi used to be a thug, so his way of speaking and socializing isn't what most expect, but you'll know if he means well

  2. Levi is a person who values his friends

  3. Levi has and can express feelings and emotion *gasp* Shocker.

  4. Levi is troubled when his comrades/friends die

  5. Levi is loyal to his friends and fighting for the sake of humanity's freedom

So, Levi can show emotion, yes? He has a heart and feelings and is not an uncaring or cold-hearted person who doesn't consider or hold dear his friends/comrades.

Now, going back to Levi's personality and the way he speaks to Hange.

So let's just recap again:

  1. Hange is heartbroken and thinks it's her fault Paster Nick is dead.

  2. Because of this, Hange has become fearful of anything else bad happening to them, so she wants to stay inside where she thinks it's safe.

  3. This is a dire situation for everybody, and they really have no time to sit around and let time go by, despite how Hange may feel.

  4. Levi knows this and tries to give her confidence again and help her make a reasonable decision, like she always does

I don't understand what people mean when they say he was making Hange feel worse about the situation, I mean, okay? Hange and Levi have known each other for years in the Scouting Legion, so this type of reaction should not be surprising to Hange. Second of all, I wonder what would happen if Levi had said nothing at all and just let his friend feel sorry for herself. They'd probably just stay inside...drink tea all day...may be the others wold hunt them down, and of course, they'd get no progress done at all.

A friend shouldn't be the one to sugar coat things in order to help you feel sorry for yourself. No, a true friend is one who gets right to your heart strings, and let's you know where you've gone wrong, because they care about you and are not afraid they'll hurt your feelings if they're telling you something that's for your own good. A true friend will tell you the ugly truth, whether it hurts or not, because it's what you need to hear. A true friend will support and help you make the right decision, because they know by pampering you and letting you feel sorry for yourself isn't going to help you or the situation. So of course, Levi has every right to say what he said, as a friend, because this is obviously an important time and he hated seeing his friend so down on herself. What did he do but tell her the truth?

As a Hange fan, this situation tears me apart just as much as anyone else, but I also know that this is a serious situation, and the decision Hange was going to make was completely not okay. Levi wasn't arguing with Hange, he was making a point, and it was obviously something Hange needed to hear. I don't think Hange could feel worse about the situation if she tried, and she knows what Levi was saying is true, which would explain her new resolve here:

Hange was trying to run away from her problems, instead of facing them head on, because of her fear of what happened with Paster Nick. Levi gave her a heartfelt and completely understandable and reasonable speech on why that is a no-no. At a time like this, their team needs a leader who can make clear and head strong decisions that will be safe and smart for them all. Hange can't afford to let her feelings get in the way of fighting for the sake humanity, or then they'd all be doomed. This is why Levi said the things he did. How is telling your friend the truth and giving good advice making them feel any worse? Sure, she might feel sad because she knows it's true, but the truth will set you free. Just look at her reaction. That is the determined and head strong Hange we know.

To add onto that...notice, Levi didn't yell or get into her face or anything...he just told her everything that she needed to hear. Wow, if this is what they call arguing, then Hange must be hating him right now, I'm sure.

Like really, guys, Hange and Levi are friends. They probably argue all the time. This can hardly be called an argument.

So, when you say things like "Levi was arguing with Hange" or "Levi was making Hange feel worse about the situation" just remember what the outcome of the chapter was again, and try to understand where each character was coming from.

I'm sure if these were any other two characters - such as Eren and Mikasa - everyone would be having a different reaction.

Levi may have a foul mouth due to the way he was raised, but I can assure you he cares deeply about his friends. And the man clearly knows what he's talking about, or Hange wouldn't have gotten her determination back.

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A YoruRuki Comparison Analysis (Part 2)

A YoruRuki Comparison Analysis

By: HimeSprink (Cat&Moon)

Main Topic: Similarities between characters Rukia Kuchiki and Yoruichi Shihouin from the manga of Bleach.


Sub Topic 2: Selfless and Loyal

Character #1 - Rukia

-> Selfless and Loyal (Towards Ichigo and her nakama)

Rukia is probably the most selfless character in Bleach to date, always ready to sacrifice her own life for her friends and family, no matter how terrible the situation or strong the enemy, she puts their well being first. This is the act of a selfless and kind person. 

Ex. 1 In the first chapter of Bleach, Rukia sacrificed some of her power in order for Ichigo to save his family; albeit knowing the consequences of doing so. Though, she ended up giving him more than she bargained for...

Figure 1.0 (Bleach Chapter 1, Page Page 46, 47, 50)

Ex. 2 In Broken Coda, Rukia had gave up her life to save Ichigo from Byakuya's merciless hands. Much like his mother who had done the same thing for him, Rukia shows no concern over her well being, and puts the ones of those she cares about first.

Figure 2.0 (Bleach Chapter 56, Page 12 - 19) 

Ex. 3 During SS Arc, just before Rukia was about to get executed on Sokyoku Hill, her last wish before dying was? That her friends return home safely. 

Figure 3.0 (Bleach Chapter 149, Page 18 - 19)

Ex. 4 During HM Arc, Rukia was intent on saving Inoue. She fought hard, thought of Inoue's well being above hers, and almost died for the sake of saving her friend.

Figure 4.0 (Bleach Chapter 269, Page 5 - 8) 

Rukia lacks nothing when it comes to the thought of saving her friends and family. She would give up anything to see them safe, even if it meant her life. 

Character #2 - Yoruichi

-> Selfless and Loyal (Towards her friends)

Yoruichi hasn't had as many moments in the manga as Rukia, but we have seen some very selfless actions from her as well, even more so than other characters have done with even more screen time. 

Ex. 1 During TBTP Arc, despite not knowing exactly what happened or the circumstances as to why Urahara was being exiled, Yoruichi left, sacrificed and gave up everything - her home, her friends, her life, her status, and reputation -  in order to save her friends Urahara and Tessai. 

Figure 1.0 (TBBT Chapters - click the links)




This one selfless and loyal act alone is more than enough to tell us what kind of person Yoruichi is. Like Rukia, she would give up everything, even her life, if it meant protecting, fighting for something or someone she really believed in or cared about. 

Author's note: Did I mention that I wanted to keep these analyses as short as possible? It's not very easy typing them on a laptop, so I'm trying to keep them as simple to type as possible for my sake. 

Definition of selfless? - Having, exhibiting, or motivated by no concern for oneself; unselfish

Definition of loyal? - Faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty; unwavering in devotion to a friend or vow or cause
Special note: Both Yoruichi and Rukia sacrificed their lives for their respective persons...I think this analysis might be added in the UraYoru/IchiRuki essay. 
Other moments: I almost forgot, Rukia also gave up her life for Ichigo when let herself get attacked by that hollow in the first chapter, instead of Ichigo. I don't think shinigami are supposed to do that, are they? She practically put herself in a situation where she would have to give Ichigo powers...just to save his life.  
Manga Panel Sources: mangapanda.com and mangashare.com 
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A YoruRuki Comparison Analysis (Part 1)

A YoruRuki Comparison Analysis

By: HimeSprink (Cat&Moon)

Main Topic: Similarities between characters Rukia Kuchiki and Yoruichi Shihouin from the manga of Bleach.


Sub Topic 1: Strength (Physical & Mental)

Character #1 - Rukia

-> Physically Strong (Endurance)

Rukia may not be the strongest character in Bleach in terms of raw power, but can definitely stand her own ground, and give it her all in everything she does. Apart from kicking Ichigo upside the head at times, Rukia has shown great physical strength in battle. 

Ex. 1 In the early chapters of Bleach, during Karakura Town Arc, despite losing a great deal of her power and her zanpakuto overall, Rukia has shown to be very efficient in fighting with using only her kidou and her raw physical strength.

Figure 1.0 (Bleach Chapter 9, Page 8, 9, 10)

I don't think anyone else in this situation, without their powers, would do this, much more be able to do this. I don't know where Rukia learned this from, whether through experience or school, but she fights no matter what, as how a real shinigami should, her resolve and strength are never shaken. I don't care what anyone says, this is true strength...and spunk...and confidence.   

Ex. 2 During her fight with Yammy in HM Arc, while captured by his own hands, and unable to use her zanpakuto, she still has great endurance and did not give up even to her last ounce of physical strength. 

Figure 2.0 (Bleach Chapter 378, Page 6, 7)

That's our Rukia. Yep, no matter how big or ugly you are, you have no right to mess with her. 

-> Mentally Strong (Maturity)

Kubo is known for displaying many mentally strong women in his story, and Rukia is definitely one of his best. Rukia is a character that despite when going through rough patches, knows how to pick herself back up again and mature from experiences. 

Ex. 1 At the end of SS Arc, when Rukia had finally been saved by Ichigo, and everyone was safe again, Rukia had finally found the courage to get some heavy things off her chest. After long years of suffering with the burden of being the one who killed Kaien, a man she had admired and adored very much, Rukia decided that it was time to apologize to the ones who had been hurting even greater from the loss of their older beloved brother. This shows that not only does Rukia have enough maturity to finally face her guilt head on and take responsibility for her mistakes, but she also had the maturity to forgive herself as well, showing she has grown from her experiences. 

Figure 3.0 (Bleach Chapter 181, Page 9 - 13 

Ex. 2 Soon after apologizing to Kuukaku (and Ganju), Rukia had another important confession to make to Ichigo as well. She had decided to stay in SS and become stronger. This shows that she hasn't taken her experiences with Ichigo for granted, and that instead of going back the same way, she wanted to become stronger not only for her friends sake, but for her own as well.

Figure 4.0 (Bleach Chapter 181, Page 14 - 17)

Rukia has also shown not only maturity through her own experiences, but helping with her friends experiences as well.

Ex. 3 During the Vizard-Arrancar Arc, when Inoue was feeling sad about not being able to fight alongside her friends in the upcoming battle, Rukia gave her encouraging words of wisdom and truth about the true meaning of strength - "In battle, those who get in the way, and who ultimately lose their lives, are not those who lack strength, but rather those who lack resolve." This shows that Rukia is mentally strong and wise. 

Figure 5.0 (Bleach Chapter 228, Page 7 - 10)

Ex. 4 During the Vizard-Arrancar Arc, when Ichigo was feeling low and discouraged about not being able to protect his friends because of his hollow, Rukia also gave him words of encouragement, in a way only he could understand. 

Figure 6.0 (Bleach Chapter 196, Page 11 - 14)

Overall, this shows how mature and strong Rukia really is, even in dire situations. 

Character #2: Yoruichi

-> Physically Strong (Raw Strength)

We all know Yoruichi as the physical powerhouse in Bleach, being able to take out multiple enemies with merely her hands and feet. Apart from possibly Unohana, I think we can all agree that Yoruichi is the strongest woman physically and overall in Bleach, in terms of fighting. Yoruichi is the only shinigami that has never shown to use her zanpakuto at all in any of her battles.

Ex. 1 During her battle with Soi Fon, and her first battles in Bleach, we have seen how very efficient she is in hand to hand combat and kidou, the greatest in fact and unbeatable. Despite the 100 year gap of not training and honing her skills, Yoruichi is still able to keep up with Soi Fon in battle, much more surpassing her in sheer strength and skill. It is still 1000 years too early for Yoruichi to lose her prime.

Figure 1.0 (Bleach Chapter 157, Page 12 - 15 Chapter 158, Page 17 - 20, Chapter 159, Page 2 - 5)

The funny thing about this battle is although it seems Soi Fon has the upper hand in the first half of the battle, her words seem to contradict that very sentiment; she was so cocky that she was too blinded to see what was right in front of her. I think Kubo wanted to add that irony, that even though Soi Fon thinks she is holding back, Yoruichi is indeed the one holding back and the stronger one. If Yoruichi really wanted to beat Soi Fon to a pulp, by all means she would have done so already. And the only time she really powered up in battle is when she needed to, in order to counteract shunko, and in order for Soi Fon not to get hurt. Yoruichi knows damn well what she's doing, I don't think she was that serious about fighting her at all, or at least not hurting her.  

Ex. 2 During her battle with Yammy, Yoruichi was able to throw him aside with only her bare hand. Soon after, using only her arms and legs to beat him to a bloody pulp, after he pursued her again.          

Figure 2.0 (Bleach Chapter 194, Page 3, 4, 6-8)

Seriously? No one else could do it like Yoruichi. Sure, she may have been in pain afterwards, but she still beat Yammy to a bloody pulp, with her hands! And the only one to do so. I don't understand why people underestimate her. 

Ex. 3 During her battle with Aizen, Yoruichi is the only female in Bleach shown to have actually laid a hand on Aizen and injure him (well, at least his cocoon) with only her hands, of course with the help of some protection.

Figure 3.0 (Bleach Chapter 405. Page 13, 14 - 16)

Shunko may seem overrated, but it's a very powerful attack if you're ever hit by it. I mean, even if it was in cocoon form, it sent Aizen flying. 

-> Mentally Strong (Wise)

We haven't yet seen any past experiences that Yoruichi has gone through and matured from, apart from getting exiled from SS along with Urahara and Tessai, but she has shown to give great words of wisdom to several characters in Bleach. 

Ex. 1 During Karakura Town Arc, while training Chad and Inoue, Yoruichi had told them some great words of advice and possibly experience about what they most want to protect "..." this shows that Yoruichi is not only mentally strong, but has had many years of experience to gain the knowledge and wisdom she has now. 

Figure 4.0 (Bleach Chapter 62, Page 12)

Ex. 2 During TBBT, Yoruichi was also a mentor to Urahara even as a captain. Despite being in a serious situation, and knowing Urahara was panicking, she quickly rose to the ocassion and gave Urahara some scolding, yet disciplining words of wisdom, knowing that no matter what the crisis, as a captain, that was no way to act. 

Figure 5.0 (TBBT Chapters - click the link)

To sum up, Rukia and Yoruichi are both mentally and physically strong in their own, yet similar ways. This makes them alike in many ways as characters. 

Author's note
: My definition of strength? Being able to say something and then back it up with action. Rukia has that spunky kind of strength which I love, as well as Yoruichi. They can do anything they set their minds to, even if they don't win every battle. They have a very strong resolve, they don't give up, yet they know their own limits, and their own strengths; they are both physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. 
Special note: Both Rukia and Yoruichi are proficient in kidou. 
Manga Panel Source: mangapanda.com
Other moments
: There was also the fight Rukia had with the Arrancar "Kaien lookalike"; which is a perfect example of both physical and mental strength. I didn't include it cause I was too tired, along with other moments I probably didn't include. 

Feel free to mention any other moments you thought I missed :) And thank you for reading! ^^
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YoruRuki Comparison Analysis Introduction

      An YoruRuki Comparison Analysis   
       By: HimeSprink     

Main Topic: Similarities between characters Rukia Kuchiki and Yoruichi Shihouin from the manga of Bleach.
As some may probably be wondering, Rukia and Yoruichi are my two most favourite female characters in Bleach. In addition, I have found that these two characters have a lot of similar traits to each other, in terms of both their personality and strength. Hence, other then the reason I posted below, is the reason I decided to make this analysis.  

- Sub Topics
*Selfless and loyal
*Confident and independent

- Miscellaneous Topics (Fun Facts)
*Princesses and Nobility
*Fun, loving, and quirky
*Their men

- Special Notes

- Sources 

Author's Note
: I have wanted to make an UraYoru/IchiRuki comparison essay for the longest time, but never got around to it, because it would take a lot of work and a lot of time. So instead of doing it as a whole, I've decided to write it in parts. The series of YoruRuki analyses I'm about to do is a mini preparation for the essay that I want to write, since I will be comparing both them and their respective parts with each other (Urahara & Ichigo). So stay tuned, and hope you enjoy! :)

*Subjects likely to change later on. Part 1 coming soon. 

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Manga Read & To Read

Just making a list of manga I am currently reading or have read so far so I can remember:

Absolute Boyfriend
Beauty Pop

Currently Reading:
Fairy Tail

Dengeki Daisy
Skip Beat
Perfect Girl Evolution


Have recently read, but stopped for now:
Kimi ni Todoke

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan


May have been some I forgot.
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Something I found interesting :) (Yes, it's Shenny related)

   The Big Bang Theory = The modern day of Third Rock from the Sun?   
What the show (Third Rock from the Sun) is about:
- "As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is a story of a band of four such explorers. In order to blend in, they have assumed human form. This is the High Commander (Dick Solomon). He has assembled an elite team of experts: A decorated military officer (Sally Solomon), a seasoned intelligence specialist (Tommy Solomon) and, well, they had an extra seat (Harry Solomon)." The premise of the show revolves around an extraterrestrial research expedition attempting to live as a normal human family in the fictional city of Rutherford, Ohio, said to be 52 miles (84 km) outside of Cleveland, where they live in a loft apartment. Humor was principally derived from the aliens' attempts to study human society and, because of their living as humans themselves while on Earth, to understand the human condition. In later episodes, they became more accustomed to Earth and often became more interested in their human lives than in their mission. - 
Besides the obvious differences with the story line and characters, I found this very interesting; here are four intelligent characters (albeit aliens) who have come to earth, and are trying their best to understand human behaviours, human emotions, and social interactions in general. And while they may have had a hard time blending in at first, or understanding the concepts of the human lifestyle, they have learned to live accustom to Earth and even enjoy this new life they've discovered. Now, this is just like TBBT because we also have four characters who are a little qwuarky, socially awkward, and different from the rest of the world because of their intelligent minds. They are also trying to understand social interactions, relationships and how they work. Though they might not always be successful, they are still learning as well, and even Sheldon of all people is starting to come to terms with his "human" side. Which brings me to my next point:
- Dick Solomon: The High Commander and head of the expedition to Earth. Is often the most childlike member of the group, being, ironically, the youngest of the crew, despite being the oldest family member. Much of the behavioral or societal-based troubles faced by the crew in their mission while on Earth frequently arise from some juvenile act perpetrated by Dick, troubles which in turn are forced to be overcome by the entire troupe with a great deal of reluctance. (<-- This is so Sheldon!) - 
Dick, like Sheldon, also has the most intelligent mind of the group, and is even a professor at a university teaching physics. He is often egotistic and thinks of himself very highly, evolved, intelligent in mind, and above everyone else. However, though he may have his faults and misunderstandings of how humans and their feelings actually work, he has learned to embrace those very same feelings, learned a lot about human interaction, and most importantly, learned how to love! (And I'll emphasize more on this after). Like Dick, Sheldon is also childlike in his ways, due to premature development from a lack of a proper childhood. He is also always getting the gang tied into his daily troubles and circumstances throughout the course of the series, which they have reluctance to help him with.  
- Dr. Mary Albright: Dick's colleague and on-and-off girlfriend. Mary felt that Dick was an insensitive idiot, but she could not avoid the infatuation of his quirkiness or childlike actions. Reference is often made to the insecurity caused by her bad parenting, and the fact that before Dick arrived, she was known for sleeping around, and had even been nicknamed "Dr. Slutbunny." It's also shown on some occasions that though Mary isn't necessarily an alcoholic she does resort to alcohol to get rid of her problems. - 
Okay, either way you look at it, no one can tell me that this character does not resemble Penny in every way possible, especially if you see her interactions with Dick. I don't think I need to elaborate on much but, the first time that Mary met Dick, she thought he was an insensitive jerk, only cared about himself, was brash, egotistic, and inconsiderate to other people's feelings. Though, over the course of their journey, she learned to love him for all of his quirks, his childlike self, and realized that, although he may have these 'flaws', under the surface, Dick has a heart of gold, and it's those very characteristics that make him who he is, and that's why she loves him. About the sleeping around part...it would be awesome to know that because of Sheldon, Penny didn't sleep around anymore, and finally found out what it truly means to love/find love. 
More on their relationship:
- Mary and the 'father' of the alien group, who works at Pendelton as a physics professor, were forced to share an office. While Dick was attracted to her almost instantly, Mary took a long time to warm to Dick.[/COLOR][/B] After their initial success, Dick and Mary enjoyed an on-off relationship; Dick would often annoy Mary, causing her to grow angry and seemingly break up with him. However, in the next episode, they are nearly always back together (notable exception: when Dick was engaged to Mary, then discovered another alien had been sent to masquerade as his wife, leading Mary to believe he is committing polygamy. Even then, she forgave him.) - 
Similarities to TBBT:
1) Penny and Sheldon are "forced" to live in the same environment, and Sheldon has to compromise his needs for her staying at their apartment all the time. (Though, he doesn't seem to have much problems with it, for someone who doesn't like change) 
2) Sheldon was practically "smitten" the first time he saw Penny. It may have been only subtle moments, but it's still there. Both Penny and Sheldon took a while to warm up to each other, but soon became great friends. (It's a start)
- Throughout the course of the series, Dick maintains a tense love-hate relationship with Mary Albright.[/COLOR][/B] At times they are together, whilst at others Mary quite clearly disfavors Dick. At one point, at the end of the second season, Dick and Mary are to be married as the other Solomons (Sally, Harry, and Tommy) return to the home planet.
At one point, Dick discovers what he calls the "freedom" of casual sex. He has sex with the recently divorced mother of a student (Bug) when she is in on holiday, not knowing who she is. Dick realizes the identity of his partner when, as he frequently does, he relates his sexual experience to his class. At the end of the episode, Bug's father (Dom Deluise) walks into Dick's office in a fedora flanked by two brutes who seem to have a connection to the mob.
In season four's episode five, "What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick," Dick is forced to share his office with Dr. Jennifer Ravelli, a professor of Comparative Literature from Harvard for whom Dick coins the caustic appellation "Professor McBitch." [B]Dick enjoys the free-hearted literary genius of his new office partner and develops a crush; however, due to his lack of familiarity with relationships, he assumes he is in love and seeks permission from Mary Albright to "see other people" and it is granted. The quirks that attracted Dick soon become a nuisance, bringing a quick end to their relationship[/B], but not before Dick attempts to use Mary's new jealousy to gain "quantity time as well as quality time." - 
Similarities to TBBT:
1) Penny and Sheldon pretty much have a love-hate relationship..especially more near the beginning of the series. 
2) Dick's "crush" on his new partner almost seems similar to the Sheldon/Amy relationship. Sheldon is appealed to the intelligence Amy has, and respects her as a friend likewise, but soon he'll realize those "appealing" aspects about her are not really what he wants, in terms of love. (imo anyway)
And well, I doubt Sheldon would ever take on every characteristic Dick has taken on, such as sex and other things, but it isn't impossible that he might experience it one day. Hopefully it'll be when he's ready, with something special, and with someone he loves for the first time; Penny.
Point in hand, Dick and Mary have many similar characteristics to Sheldon and Penny, in terms of their individual characters, and the dynamics/interactions of their relationship itself. Both shows focus on science/physics, human behaviours, social interactions, romance, evolving/developing as a humans, and etc. 
So, any thoughts on this? Sorry my post was so long (and I could have made it longer but, well I think this is enough for now), but I just really had to point out how awesome this is. Do you think Sheldon/Penny are really a plan in the making, and will eventually, with much patience and endurance, come out on top in the end? I think so, and I think waiting for it is part of the beauty of it as well. After all, good things come to those who wait, and Sheldon/Penny is definitely a romance worth waiting for. I just hope it doesn't take so long we lose interest.
Kuchiki Rukia, Rukia

Best Sheldon/Penny FanVid Ever!

This is definitely my fave video of the day! <3333333333

Penny & Sheldon || Nobody loves me like you do by 


The scenes, the contrast, the symmetry, the chemistry...all makes me remember why i love Sheldon and Penny so much! :3 From beginning to end, this video truly sums up the beauty of their relationship and how it continues to grow. Love it.

Kuchiki Rukia, Rukia

Writer's Block: Freewill vs. fate

I think it's both. While we don't always choose to love someone (cause it may end up happening without us even knowing it), we do choose our lovers (meaning we do choose who to be with), and if by chance it ends up feeling like the exact right and perfect person for us, then it may feel as if you were destined to be as well. Basically, we choose our own perfect destiny, based on who we choose to be with, whether we are aware of it or not.
Kuchiki Rukia, Rukia

"I don't ship UraYoru, it's in the manga"

So, I finally decided to write an essay about Urahara & Yoruichi, yay!~ I know there are a few people out there who just don't understand why we ship UraYoru or what exactly makes us think that they are 'romantic' in any way - though that's probably just them being bias or jealous of the attention they get - but, that's what inspired me to write this today. That, and because I thought UraYoru deserved some more love and who else was going to write an essay about them? XD I was originally planning to write a comparison essay b/w UraYoru & IchiRuki, but then I thought that writing one for UraYoru first would be easier. So here we go:
The aspects of a Romantic Relationship and how it relates to UraYoru
An UraYoru essay

Now, what exactly are 'the aspects of a romantic relationship' and how can you tell the difference b/w two people who are 'just friends' and two people who have more under the surface

'Love is based on caring, friendship, commitment and trust. When you are in love it is as if you have your best most trusted friend at your side AND you feel physically attracted to them.' Okay, those weren't my own words exactly, but that quote that I conveniently found on google couldn't be more true.
How to relate that to UraYoru?

 - Let's focus on the 'friendship' aspect of it first. (I may just add on my own topics as well) 

1. Caring:
You're probably all thinking 'Well they're friends, of course they both care about each other' but surprisingly, there are still some people out there who think otherwise. It's been pretty obvious throughout the manga that Urahara and Yoruichi truly care for one another.
If we take Yoruichi for example, she's definitely not a character who would do something uness she truly wanted to do it. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and doesn't care what anybody else thinks, or in otther words, she goes by her own rules and what she feels is right. We saw during TBTP Arc that despite knowing that she would lose everything in the process - her home, her friends, her riches, her status - Yoruichi didn't even hesiatate or waste another second to go save Urahara. (Bleach Chapter 97) For someone who doesn't care much for rules or demand herself to stick to any obligations unless she finds them necessary/reasonable, then I doubt saving Urahara was of any 'obligation' to her. Afterall, why save him if he commited a crime? Shouldn't she have just let him get arrested if she didn't know all of the truth of what happened? Yoruichi obviously knows him better than that. It was an act of an unwavering heart. 

In Bleach Chapter 106 & 107, when Yoruichi was scolding Urahara for not acting proper as a Captain. She didn't do it to humliate him, and definitely not because she hated him. She did it for his own good and what she thought was best. She knew the way he was acting wasn't right, she wasn't afraid to point it out, and so she set him straight. That's the kind of relationship Urahara and Yoruichi have and there are no secrets b/w them. Yoruichi isn't afraid to speak up when Urahara does something wrong, knock some sense into his head, and tell it like it is. It's called: tough love, and it was needed at the time. 

Now when it comes to Urahara, there are a lot of people who question or should I say have different perceptions on his character when it comes to caring..well about anyone. And I say, Urahara is truly one of the most caring characters in Bleach, I could write a whole list. Sure he may make mistakes at times - Putting the hogyoku inside Rukia and not telling Inoue the truth; albeit those were only a result of what he thought was best - but he always makes up for them the best he can, and he's helped pretty much every character in Bleach up til now. Why? Because he's caring, he's helpful, he's generous, and it's in his name: Kisuke (喜輔). 'The first kanji means take pleasure in, and the second kanji means help. So here it means a person who takes pleasure in helping others.' Now, in terms of how he cares about Yoruichi? Okay, maybe he hasn't shown it in such a big way as Yoruichi, but what more proof do we really need? Like the saying goes "It's the little things that count". For instance, in Bleach Chapter 403, when Yoruichi was in danger, have we ever seen Urahara freak out so much? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that Urahara tries to help everyone around him, and does show true concern to those close to him, though for the most part, he always keeps his cool and is pretty laid back. But this? It's obvious when it comes to Yoruichi that laid-back and cool Urahara goes flying out the window. That moment was definitely a proud moment for all UraYoru shippers, not only because of the fact that of course it recomfirmed to us readers that Urahara does care about Yoruichi, and the type of close relationship they have, but it also showed him in a new light as well, specifically only for Yoruichi. There is also the moment in Bleach Chapter 195, where we see the after effects of the Yammy fight, and Yoruichi with both an injured arm and leg. Yes, Urahara showed concern there, as well as the moments in Bleach Chapter 405, where Kisuke shows genuine concern not once, but twice for Yoruichi, when they were facing off against Aizen. 

I'm not really sure what the argument is anymore actually, that they care for each other only as friends, or don't care about each other at all, but either way, there it is, in canon. Urahara and Yoruichi genuinely care for each other, whether it's the label of 'friends' or 'love'. 

2. Trust:

I don't think there's any two people in Bleach that trust each other more than these two. Well maybe IchiRuki, and some others, but UraYoru definitely have some depth to them too. If anyone is going to trust Urahara the most, it's Yoruichi, and vice versa. I've already pointed out that in TBTP Arc, Yoruichi didn't know a thing about Urahara's plans, be it about the Maggots' Nest or the hogyoku. Yet despite not knowing much,or at least not even being sure she didn't question him about it or her trust in him at all. When Kisuke was accused of doing holllowification experiments on the Vizards, did Yoruichi hesiate even a little or question him about what was going on? All she said was"I'll kick you later for not taking me with you last night" and "So what's your next plan?". It was just "Okay, we're here now, you got yourself into some trouble again, what's next?" When Soi Fon was worried about what Kisuke was doing in Maggots' Nest (Bleach Chapter 106) all Yoruichi said was "This is Kisuke we're talking about, he must have some kind of idea that's all." If that's not trust then I don't know what is.
As for Urahara and his trust for Yoruichi, it speaks volumes as well. If he didn't trust her, then he wouldn't be giving her such important responsibilities to take care of. From not only escorting Ichigo and Co. into Soul Society, but teaching, training, and helping them save Rukia, even helping then all become stronger, that tells me that Urahara knows Yoruichi is capable of handling that type of situation, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Well, he probably wanted to be able to help out too, but he had no other choice but to leave it in the hands of ones he could trust most. Urahara also trusted her in helping defeat Aizen in FKT Arc. He could have just let her go off and help somewhere else, or take care of things in KT with Tessai, but no, he had her right by his side the whole time, fighting off against Aizen. Not only does Urahara trust her with his inner most secrets, but he trusts in her abilities as well. He knows he can always count on her, because she trusts him too.

Is trust important in an relationship? *nods head* Yes. 

3. Commitment:

Now if we talk about commitment, it would probably tie into the trust as well, though I could elaborate more on it, so here we go. I don't think Urahara and Yoruichi can be any more commited to each other than they are now..except if they got married. I mean, not only did Yoruichi give up her life to save and be with Urahara, but she practically lives with him now? Sure, she may go off on her own sometimes back to SS to meet with her friends, but at the end of the day where is she? Peacefully sleeping/eating at the Urahara Shoten with her 'family'. Yea, that was a joke, but you could still look at it that way. Because no matter where Yoruichi goes throughout the day, when it really counts she is always by Uraharas' side, and I don't think that'll ever change. If one thing's for sure, Kubo has consistently established a well commited relationship b/w these two, that whenever we see them, they are almost always together, unless Urahara has plans for Yoruichi somewhere else. Anything else or any interction that happens with someone else, and I'm talking specifically about Yoruichi here, is offscreen. (With the exception of SS Arc and talking to Inoue of course, though both those were the result of Urahara as well) Even when they're not together, they are mentioning or thinking about the other, or at least know what the other us up to. And can no one tell me that Yoruichi couldn't well go back to SS and live if she wanted to. Everything is out in the open now, SS knows the truth, she is always able to go and leave as she pleases, and both Urahara and Yoruichi are innocent, so why not go back to SS? Yoruichi could live there, while she could go to KT for occasional visits to see what Urahara is up to and about his plans. Answer? She doesn't want to. (Remember, Yoruichi goes by her own rules? ;)) Ponit is, I don't think there's anyone who can break the bond these two have. They're always together, they trust each other, they can always rely on each other, and they don't keep anything from one another. That is commitment.

Hmm, would commitment really be important in a friendship? I mean, when you hear commitment, you usually think of someone not cheating on you or something. I don't think of friendship as a commitment, more like a choice. Yes, let's put it that way: "Friendship is a choice, love is a commitment" Can we agree?

4. Friendship:
I don't what else to say about this except that, yes, Urahara and Yoruichi are friends. I don't know where people got the idea that UraYoru shippers think otherwise. They're childhood friends, it's been shown to us, it's been implied, Urahara and Yoruichi are childhood friends.

- Now, to focus on the 'romantic' aspect of this all. "When you are in love it is as if you have your best most trusted friend at your side AND you feel physically attracted to them."

I've already covered the first part of this quote, and now it's time to look over the second part. Of course you can't have a romantic relationship without being physically attracted to the person you're in love with as well, because what does romance consist of? Intamacy. People who don't ship/see UraYoru as romantic will always make up any excuse or pathetic/bitter filled comment about why UraYoru will never work, and so I'll kindly state why those comments themselves 'don't work' with UraYoru.

"Urahara and Yoruichi are 'just friends' and so there is nothing/can never be anything romantic about them"  or "You guys think that all friends who are male & female have to be romantic"

Of course Urahara and Yoruichi are 'friends', and closest of friends at that. Tessai even pointed it out (Bleach Chapter 51), that Yoruichi is Urahara's "Unrivaled best friend." (Other translations have it as "relative' but it's been proven that that translation was a mistake by Viz Media, and the real translation is "Unrivaled Best Friend") It happened, it's there, it's canon. Now, whether they are "just friends" is another story. How do I know that Urahara and Yoruichi have something more 'under the surface' to their 'friendship'? Notice I said 'to their friendship' and not 'more under the surface rather than their friendship'. I have no problem with Urahara and Yoruichi being friends, in fact, that's one of the reasons why I love them so much. And just because two people are friends, doesn't mean there can't be more to their relationship. And in terms of UraYoru? There is more to their relationship. We don't ship them just because they're male and female friends, and I'm definitely not that shallow, who would be? Oh right, the people who said we ship it for those reasons in the first place. There's a big difference b/w being 'just friends' and 'having a romantic undertone', which some people just don't seem to get with UraYoru. UraYoru isn't 'male & female friends', or 'just friends', no, they're just 'UraYoru', and that's how I see it, which brings me to my next point.

"Urahara and Yoruichi are siblings" or "I see their relationship more of a brother and sister type"

Sometimes I have to wonder what people really see as a 'sibling' relationship, because I think they'll just put that label on any pairing they don't ship or don't want to happen. Or maybe they're just blind? Oh wait, I was supposed to be kind. From what I've seen, sibling relationships, especially in manga, always have either 1) The older brother/sister who teases/bullies the younger brother/sister 2) Who are protective of each other and 3) Most definitely don't flirt with each other or see each other naked.

Does Urahara ever tease Yoruichi or treat her like a little sister? Let's use the manga for referance, shall we?

1. In the Urahara Radio Kon Interview (yes, it counts, and it's canon, since it was both written and drawn by Kubo):

If Urahara ever thought of Yoruichi as his little sister, well then, it's quite funny, isn't it? Cause I just wouldn't understand...why he would be talking or blushing about the fact that he saw her naked, much more 'beyond naked'? If he saw her as only a sister? What are these people thinking? Sure, people can probably call that teasing (o_o), but before the fact that Urahara even knew Yoruichi was in the room, he was all into the idea of seeing Yoruichi naked, and even going as far to say he saw her 'beyond naked', which to no suirprise, Yoruichi didn't take so well, considering her reaction. She was all ready to pounce on Kisuke after talking about her so 'inappropriately', but even before that she said "I never knew we were so close Kisuke, care to elaborate?" in the most taunting way, and after Kisuke shyed away from the question, she told him "Don't be shy" and not in a blunt way at all..yea, that really sounds like a brother and sister talk. (Why would a sister have to question her relationship or closeness with her brother? Do I even have to aak these questions?-.-)

2. In Bleach Chapter 195 (Urahara saw her half naked):

Apart from the fact that I don't understand why a brother would want to see his sister naked, and why the sister would feel so comfortable about it, I've never seen a 'brother-sister' moment so tense as this. I guess people were expecting Urahara to act perverted here, or say something suggestive. It seems I forgot to mention another aspect of the UraYoru relationship. Even though Urahara has labeled himself as a 'perverted shopkeeper', he never really expresses as such through words. (As we've seen in the Radio Kon interview, he only talks about Yoruichi intimately while she isn't there, yet when she's there, suddenly the topic goes away..it could be because he's shy around her as well) Never once does Urahara make suggestive comments to Yoruichi or is he disrespectful towards her. And sure you can say that it's because he's not interested in her 'that' way, but I beg to differ. That moment, his facial expression, and the way he approached her is way too intense to say he isn't enjoying that view. If he were only intense about the situation altogether, with her being injured of course, then he wouldn't have had that grin on his face, or have been so comfortable seeing her that way. But, he is always very respectful to her, and as you can see here, their relationship is very mutual. Meaning, that they are comfortable and deep around each other without having to be all perverted. Doesn't mean that they aren't interested in each other, no. In fact, it shows true friendship, as well as a healthy and most of all mature relationship between them. Also, take in the fact that Urahara wasn't always perverted. He used to be innocent and naive back in the day. I think with their relationship, their friendship comes before anything else, which is another reason why I think Urahara doesn't make suggestive comments towards her; because that's the way he is, that's the way it has always been, they were close friends first, and he respects their friendship. Not to mention, I think Urahara is a very respectable person. At least more respectable than Shunsui anyway ;)

3. In Bleach Chapter 404 (Kisuke is a peeping Tom!):

I don't know why Kubo would add a sexual innuendo moment here if Urahara and Yoruichi were like siblings. I mean, how much more clueless could you get? D: Yoruichi lifts up her leg, Urahara puts up his fan, and peeks over interested and 'pervertedly' at Yoruichi's...leg? I doubt it. Unless he really likes her leg, then yes, that would be okay too, cause who wouldn't? Point is, if he saw her as a sister, then he wouldn't be peeking at wherever he was peeking, or flirting with her in the first place. And yes, that's called flirting, especially after Yoruichi hit him 'playfully' on the nose. That's some real bother-sister dynamic. Darn, if I weren't so interested in UraYoru in a romantic light, I would have thought this moment made a great sibling moment.....-_- Btw, who else does Yoruichi have these "Peeping Tom" moments with, I wonder? That's right, no one.

4, In Bleach Chapter 193 (Anyone notice they're "that" close?):

I don't know if anyone noticed before, cause I sure didn't at first. But if you take a look carefully at their stance, and just how close they are, there's a lot of sexual tension during this moment, even without words! But most of all, where and how Kisukes' haori is touching Yoruichi. Kubo could have drawn this scene any other way, but he chose to do it this way, which is the most sublte, yet most suggestive way he could have drawn them. I think this panel speaks for itself, just how close these two really are, even though sometimes they won't admit it to each others' faces ;D (i.e. they bicker, they won't talk about their relationship in front of each other, but at the end of the day, that's what it is <3)

I don't know why Kubo would put in such suggestive moments if he wanted to portray Urahara and Yoruichi as siblings or 'just friends', and I don't know how anyone can see them any other way than 'suggestive'. All I know is, half naked panels, talking about 'beyond naked', blushing, peeping, bickering, flirting...there's definitely more to UraYoru than 'just friends', and they are definitely not siblings, and never was it stated so. Truly absurd.

"How do you know UraYoru is canon?" or "Why do you imply that it is canon?"

Many people think of the word 'canon' as something that is explicitly said, whether it's in the manga, or stated by the author themselves, but I like to think of it as not only something that is confirmed, but what is there, what we can see, in the manga. Afterall, actions speak louder than words, or in other words, IF YOU CAN SEE IT, IT'S CANON. Not everything needs words to be explained, some things just speak for themselves.

Urahara and Yoruichi are friends, more importantly childhood and best friends. It's been said by Tessai, implied by flashbacks/Yoruichi's words, and that's how we know it's canon. How do we know Urahara and Yoruichi are canon as a romantic pair? Well, while their relationship hasn't been confirmed by Kubo to be romantic, the hints of romantic feelings are there, which tends to lead people to believe: romantic feelings/signs = romantic pair, whether that pair is officially together or not...yet. (Urahara peeking at her 'leg', Yoruichi punching him afterwards, them bickering...and I'm sorry, but brother and sister do not bicker the way they do. It's like calling Ichigo and Rukia siblings...-_-) Why do people ship IchiRuki, or IshiHime? Has it even been confirmed or said by Kubo that there is romance b/w these couples? No, but there are hints and ingredients, or their relationship consists of romantic feelings and many romantic interactions from both parties, that have been shown time and time again, that lead us to believe, there is something more to it than meets the eye..or more than what non-shippers/haters refuse to see/accept anyway. UraYoru's interactions are romantic or at least suggestive, their relationship has something romantic about it, and the only way for you to not see it or refuse to see it, is if you want to see it that way. Everyone has their own interpretation of Bleach and it's couples, yes, but there are some people who just choose to see what they want to see, rather than just 'see'. It's like reading but not taking in what you're reading at all.

Can we say that Urahara is attracted to Yoruichi in a romantic way? Yes. He's shown such in FKT arc. Can we say Yoruichi is attracted to Urahara in a romantic way? Well, she sure doesn't flirt or bicker with anyone else in the manga, neither does she spend as much time, or stay at anyone elses' house as much as Urahara.  

They're no IchiRuki when it comes to tons of development, but when it comes to their scenes and their moments, they receive some of, if not one of the best development in the manga.

 I don't know how you can interpret or build up on something that isn't there. UraYoru isn't made up, it's there, it's in the manga. Their 'non-sibling' interactions are in the manga, their suggestive scenes are in the manga, their friendship is in the manga; UraYoru is in the manga. Therefore, like I always say: I don't ship UraYoru, it's in the manga. I just ended up loving it. ~

Whether you see it as romantic or not is not up to me, but at least don't substitute things that weren't there before, just because you don't want to see it or accept it a certain way.


Thank you for anyone who took the time to read this. Please no hater comments, or I'll remove them. ;) Hnh, not really a threat, but seriously, if you have nothing nice to say, well you know the saying. Please tell me your thoughts on this essay, and I'd be more than delighted if you had anything more to elaborate on. Stay tuned for my UraYoru/IchiRuki comparison essay in the future.

And before anyone tries to cut off my head XD Cause I've had this problem before. I just wanted to say that I write these essays mainly for me and because I love this ship so much (That goes for any ship I write about). It's nothing personal, it's not an attack, so no worries there, and it isn't for any other specific reason except..that I love UraYoru, and frankly, I think they deseve more attention. So, when I write,  I write these truly out of my heart and love for UraYoru, and if you end up liking it too, then great! <3 

Source for Google Quote: http://teenadvice.about.com/od/loveanddating/a/isitlove1.htm

And ugh, I've revised and edited this essay so many times. So if you end up, to my happiness, reading it again, you'll notice a couple of additions or changes XD